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Bettina Farrugia (b. 2006) is an artist, musician and composer from Malta. Her productions consist of a broad musical repertoire including songs, cinematic soundtracks and orchestral works. 


Beth's public career began from the moment she wrote her debut soundtrack Mirror's Break which was awarded the title of "Best Film" and "Best Creativity and Originality" at the Jumpstart Film Festival. 

Recent musical projects include her participation and success in Malta's Got Talent Season 2. From acquiring a golden buzzer in the auditions by playing her debut soundtrack "Mirrors Break", she once again impressed  the audience with her orchestral and dramatic piece "Eclipse". Both her composition and musical talent awarded her a place in the top 3 semifinalists, ultimately leading her to the final as one of the favourite contestants. Beth placed third with a versatile, joyful Waltz called "Waltz of the Stars", leaving the audience wanting for more music.  Upcoming projects include an album involving various experimental and melodic pieces.

Beth has a high level of musical theory knowledge which widens her ability to  compose and produce quality music. Beth's love for music finds pleasure in exploring the enchantment of varied musical instruments such as piano, electric guitar, kalimba, ukulele, violin, drums and bass. Additionally, she finds interest in giving her own artistic twist to well known songs on her YouTube channel.

Beth is continuously developing as an artist and establishing her unique musical style with a great passion for music and a will to re-dimension classical music, reviving it into a revolutionary genre as being popular in any Century. Thus, making classical music timeless through her creative and visionary compositions. 

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